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Vol 1 (2012) 20 th International Conference on Advanced Laser Technologies ALT’12: Foreword Abstract   PDF
V. Romano, B. Neuenschwander
Vol 1 (2012) 20th International Conference on Advanced Laser Technologies ALT’12: Conference Program Abstract
Valerio Romano, Beat Neuenschwander
Vol 1 (2012) 20th International Conference on Advanced Laser Technologies ALT’12: Conference Program Abstract   PDF
P. Cam, M. Schmid, S. Pilz, P. Schwaller, F. Baumberger
Vol 1 (2012) A method of treatment microbe nature disease using multiwave laser radiation Abstract   PDF
G.P. Kuzmin, A.G. Kuzmina, O.V. Lovachova, A.A. Sirotkin
Vol 1 (2012) A Study on the Vibration Characteristics of CFRP Composite Materials using Time-Average ESPI Abstract   PDF
K.-M. Hong, Y.-J. Kang, S.-J. Kim, A. Kim, I.-Y. Choi, J.-H. Park, C.-W. Cho
Vol 1 (2012) All-Fiber Thulium-Doped Mode-Locked Lasers Based on the Nonlinear Amplifying Loop Mirror Abstract   PDF
M.A. Chernysheva, A.A. Krylov, P.G. Kryukov, N.R. Arutyunyan, A.S. Pozharov, E.D. Obraztsova, E.M. Dianov
Vol 1 (2012) Application of laser texturing method for mc-Si solar cells fabrication Abstract   PDF
D.A. Zuev, O.A. Novodvorsky, A.A. Lotin, A.V. Shorokhova, O.D. Khramova, G.G. Untila, A.Y. Poroykov, T.N. Kost, A.B. Chebotareva
Vol 1 (2012) Application of Photothermal and Photoacoustic Spectroscopy for the Monitoring of Aqueous Dispersions of Carbon Nanomaterials Abstract   PDF
D.S. Volkov, M.A. Proskurnin, I.V. Mikheev, D.V. Vasil’ev, M.V. Korobov, D.A. Nedosekin, V.P. Zharov
Vol 1 (2012) Boundary Condition Effect On Photoacoustic Response Of Absorbing Liquid To Modulation Of Laser Intensity Abstract   PDF
A.A. Samokhin, N.N. Il’ichev, A.Yu. Ivochkin, E.S. Gulyamova
Vol 1 (2012) Broadband Superfluorescent Source Based on Bismuth-Doped GeO2-SiO2 Fiber Abstract   PDF
M.A. Melkumov, K.E. Riumkin, I.A. Bufetov, A.V. Shubin, S.V. Firstov, V.F. Khopin, A.N. Gurianov, E.M. Dianov
Vol 1 (2012) CARS diagnostics of near-critical fluid in small mesopores Abstract   PDF
V.G. Arakcheev, V.N. Bagratashvili, V.B. Morozov
Vol 1 (2012) Colour Sensor White Balance Influence on White-Light Interferometer Resolution Abstract   PDF
A. Kalyanov, V. Lychagov, I. Smirnov, V. Ryabukho
Vol 1 (2012) Construction of microfluidic biochips with enhanced functionalities using 3D femtosecond laser direct writing Abstract   PDF
Y. Cheng, Y. Liao, F. He, L. Qiao, K. Sugioka, K. Midorikawa
Vol 1 (2012) Creation of metal materials nanoporous structures under the action of laser radiation Abstract   PDF
S.P. Murzin, N.L. Kazanskiy
Vol 1 (2012) Development of the Methods of Control of Radiation Structure of Abstract   PDF
E.E. Orlova, P. de Visser, X. Gu, J.N. Hovenier, J.R. Gao, T.M. Klapwijk
Vol 1 (2012) Efficient femtosecond optical parametric amplification and wavelength conversion in silicon waveguides Abstract   PDF
H. Liu, Z. Wang, J. Wen, N. Huang, Q. Sun
Vol 1 (2012) Electrical properties of ZnO:Al thin films fabricated by pulsed laser deposition method Abstract   PDF
A.V. Shorokhova, D.A. Zuev, A.A. Lotin, O.A. Novodvorsky, O.D. Khramova
Vol 1 (2012) Enhancement of the Raman Scattering and the Third-Harmonic Generation in Silicon Nanowires Abstract   PDF
L.A. Golovan, K.V. Bunkov, K.A. Gonchar, V.Yu. Timoshenko, L.A. Osminkina, D.V. Petrov, V.S. Marshov, V.A. Sivakov, M.N. Kulmas
Vol 1 (2012) Explosive Boiling of Transparent Liquids on Absorbing Targets Heated by Short Laser Pulses Abstract   PDF
A.A. Samokhin, A.P. Bazhulin, N.N. Il’ichev, A.Yu. Ivochkin, P.A. Pivovarov, I.A. Stuchebrukhov
Vol 1 (2012) Fluorescent properties of the kindling fluorescent protein (KFP) at acidic pH values Abstract   PDF
A.S. Goryashchenko, A.L. Rusanov, V.A. Mironov, A.V. Nemukhin, A.P. Savitsky
Vol 1 (2012) Generation and propagation of polarization singularities in second harmonic generation from the surface of the isotropic gyrotropic medium Abstract   PDF
K.S. Grigoriev, V.A. Makarov, I.A. Perezhogin, N.N. Portavkin
Vol 1 (2012) Growth peculiarities and non-linear properties of profiled doped strontium-barium niobate crystals Abstract   PDF
E.E. Dunaeva, L.I. Ivleva, P.A. Lykov, P.G. Zverev, V.V. Osiko
Vol 1 (2012) Influence of Submillisecond Er-Laser Pulses on Mechanical Properties of Hard Tooth Tissues Abstract   PDF
A.V. Belikov, K.V. Shatilova, A.V. Skrypnik
Vol 1 (2012) Influence of the pre-treatment of glass substrates on Laser-Induced Backside Wet Etching using NIR Nanosecond-Pulses and Cu-based solutions Abstract   PDF
P. Schwaller, S. Zehnder, U. von Arx, B. Neuenschwander
Vol 1 (2012) Infrared broadband source from 1000nm to 1700nm, based on an Erbium, Neodymium and Bismuth doped double-clad fiber Abstract   PDF
S. Pilz, D. Etissa, C. Barbosa, V. Romano
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