" Virtual Reality & Eye Tracking" - Call for Papers JEMR Special Thematic Issue


                                     Call for Papers


Journal of Eye Movement Research: Special Thematic Issue


                   Virtual Reality & Eye Tracking




The advancement of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology has made it possible to integrate eye tracking, and it is likely to become a standard feature of future VR headsets, creating increased opportunities for end users, creators, and researchers alike. While its application has been mostly limited to research in the past decade, we have now seen first installations of eye tracking into consumer level VR products in entertainment, training, and therapy. 


The combination of Eye Tracking and Virtual Reality offers unique advantages: Shielded from external influences such as visual distractions outside of the VR, its potential is high. Combined with a high level of possible immersion, likely leading to a natural behavior inside the VR, the increased value gained by Eye Tracking research and applications are numerous. 


Simultaneously, Eye Tracking in VR poses new challenges to gaze analyses and requires the establishment of new tools and new best practices in gaze interaction and psychological research, from controlling influence factors such as Simulator Sickness to adaptations of algorithms to the third dimension.


The goal of this special issue is to provide a space to introduce and discuss latest applications, challenges and possibilities of Eye Tracking and Gaze Interaction in Virtual Reality from an interdisciplinary perspective.





We encourage submissions that investigate topics such as:


  • Gaze Interaction
    • Novel VR/AR specific interaction paradigms
    • Gaze contingent environments
    • Foveated Rendering
    • Gaze control 

  • Gaze Analysis:
    • Comparisons between AR/VR and non-XR in relation to gaze behavior
    • The influence of possible side-effects AR/VR devices on gaze behavior and data quality
    • AR/VR-specific analytics & interaction methods
    • Gaze analysis for 360° VR videos

  • Psychological research
    • Insights into the users’ experience of VR via gaze analysis
    • Psychological correlates of user states and gaze data
    • Applications of ET within therapy and training

  • Tools
    • Analytics Software & Packages
    • Best-practices
    • Stimulus libraries, classified/labeled & validated experimental material
    • 360° / computer generated 3D environments 


We invite contributions from fields such as psychology, computer science, HCI, human factors, engineering, neuroscience, medicine, education, art and game design.


Abstract submission:      January 15, 2022,  

Manuscript submission: April 30, 2022.

The Journal of Eye Movement Research will publish each individual article after its acceptance in Volume 15 (2022) on a rolling basis.

The content alert will be distributed after completion of the full issue.


Guest Editors:

Béatrice Hasler, Virtual Reality Lab for Conflict Research (VR-CORE), Sammy Ofer School of Communications, Reichman University (IDC Herzliya), Israel 

Sarah-Christin Freytag, Department of Psychology and Ergonomics, Chair of Human-Machine Systems, TU Berlin


Editor in Chief: Rudolf Groner, University of Bern