TSANTSA is the journal of the Swiss Anthropological Association SAA. It publishes ethnographically and theoretically grounded contributions on current issues and debates in social anthropology. As a tri-lingual journal with articles in English, French, and German, it seeks to strengthen the dialogue between different theoretical strands and scholarly traditions. TSANTSA’s wide thematic scope encourages conversations across the discipline and between the various subfields of social and cultural anthropology.

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TSANTSA reviews recent publications that make important theoretical or empirical contributions to anthropology. We have a particular focus on publications originating in the Swiss academic context. Are you interested in writing a book review? Get in touch with one of our book review editors.

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Current Issue

Vol. 25 (2020): Penal Institutions and Their Hybridizations "in Action"
TSANTSA cover 25/2020: Penal Institutions and Their Hybridizations "in Action"

The TSANTSA special issue 25/2020 Penal Institutions and Their Hybridizations "in Action" discusses the relationship between the penal state and the welfare state, between punishment, rehabilitation, and risk management, and between prison and non-custodial sentences. The contributions examine how these seemingly distinct areas empirically come together to constitute a “sociopenal continuum”. The contributions examine three forms of hybridization. The first form is apparent when two institutions pursuing distinct missions are called upon to collaborate in order to deal with the same public; the second emerges when two paradigms for intervention compete with each other within the same institutional framework; and the third can be observed in the trajectories of the publics of criminal justice institutions, marked by a diverse range of measures for intervention (whether social, judicial, or therapeutic).

Guest editors: Géraldine Bugnon, Arnaud Frauenfelder, Armelle Weil

Published: 2020-09-28


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