Ethnocentricity in Academic Philosophy

On Reading Different Texts and Reading Texts Differently in Swiss and South African Philosophy Departments

  • Anna Christen University of Konstanz
Keywords: philosophy, ethnocentrism, curriculum, academia, Switzerland, South Africa


Philosophy is a core element in the intellectual history of all civilizations. Yet as an academic discipline, it is far from inclusive: Swiss philosophy departments factor out nearly everything outside the European canon. This text offers fundamental criticism of the focus on a narrow range of dominant epistemologies that, as will be argued, originate in Eurocentric ideologies. I will present a two-pronged approach, proposing a shift in curricula as well as in methods of philosophical inquiry.

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Christen, Anna. 2019. “Ethnocentricity in Academic Philosophy”. TSANTSA – Journal of the Swiss Anthropological Association 24 (May), 39-47.