Variable conditions in the implementation of the baccalaureate essay

  • Christina Huber
  • Lukas Lehmann
  • Vera Husfeldt
Keywords: Baccalaureate education, baccalaureate essay, evaluation


The 1995 regulations of baccalaureate diploma acknowledgment, which are set by the Swiss confederation together with the cantons, have partly been reformed in 2007. This partial reform concerned, among others, the baccalaureate essay first introduced in the 1995 regulations. While it only used to be part of the education program preceding the maturity exams, it now also counts into the final maturity grade. Therefore, it is necessary to examine to what extent the baccalaureate essays and the way they are assessed are comparable over cantons. Within the context of the baccalaureate reform evaluation procedure, baccalaureate education has been evaluated all over Switzerland for the second time. The baccalaureate essays have been examined in depth. This contribution presents some selected results the assessment study yielded.

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Huber, C., Lehmann, L., & Husfeldt, V. (2018). Variable conditions in the implementation of the baccalaureate essay. Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 33(3), 443-460.