Subject didactics in the center – The Genevan Secondary Teacher Education

  • Bernard Schneuwly
  • Charles Heimberg
  • Rémy Villemin
Keywords: Subject didactics, teacher education, knowledge types, international/local


The paper describes and analyzes one of the many existing models of secondary teacher education in Switzerland. The Genevan model was introduced some years ago; it assigns subject didactics a central role. The reasons and hypothesis underlying this choice are discussed from three points of view. 1. As everywhere, specific factors of the Genevan context transform general reform tendencies in teacher education in order to adapt them to the local context. The paper describes how this takes place. 2. Different types of knowledge are articulated in teacher education. Given the central place of didactic knowledge, its articulation with knowledge in academic reference disciplines, knowledge in educational sciences and professional knowledge is analyzed. 3. Contrary to other models in Switzerland, the Genevan teacher education is embedded in the university and is supported by several faculties. The consequences of this specificity for the institutional place of subject didactics are being discussed.

How to Cite
Schneuwly, B., Heimberg, C., & Villemin, R. (2018). Subject didactics in the center – The Genevan Secondary Teacher Education. Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 34(3), 441-460.