Critical Remarks on the Normative Discourse about School Heterogeneity

  • Beate Wischer
  • Matthias Trautmann
Keywords: Normative discourse on student diversity, teacher professionalism, differentiation, school as institution and organization, concepts of heterogeneity


This article aims at challenging pedagogical-normative reflexions within the current discourse on school heterogeneity. After reconstructing the underlying mode of discourse argumentation, three problems are discussed: (1) vagueness and overcomplexity of the notion of heterogeneity, resulting from child-centered pedagogy, (2) neglect of structural and functional aspects of institutionalized learning, and (3) normative-pedagogical concepts of teaching that appear oversimplified in the light of professional theory.

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Wischer, B., & Trautmann, M. (2018). Critical Remarks on the Normative Discourse about School Heterogeneity. Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 35(1), 21-36.