The Notion of «Heterogeneity» in Empirical Studies

  • Sandra Zulliger
  • Sabine Tanner
Keywords: Heterogeneity, heterogeneity categories, empirical studies review


When the term «heterogeneity» occurs in the title of an empirical study, wich topics and wich heterogeneity categories are being studied? This question is explored by means of a systematic database research and content analysis of empirical studies. With respect to defined criteria, 21 studies are classified into the following three key topics: 1. Student heterogeneity with respect to different heterogeneity categories and levels of analysis. It appears that performance-related heterogeneity is the most frequently investigated category. 2. The implementation, evaluation and development of inclusive teaching methods. 3. Teachers’ subjective theories about students’ heterogeneity.

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Zulliger, S., & Tanner, S. (2018). The Notion of «Heterogeneity» in Empirical Studies. Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 35(1), 37-52.