(Re)Production of differences in different teaching orientations

  • Tanja Sturm
Keywords: Heterogeneity, difference reproduction, inclusion, teaching orientation, documentary method


With respect to a sociology of knowledge theoretical framework, this article investigates how teachers construct and deal with differences among students in their teaching practices. Discursive empirical data generated within focus groups enable to identify two teaching orientations: one consists of normative practices, while the other concerns more situation-related adaptive practices. Both teaching orientations hinder and foster students’ learning opportunities. Moreover, results emphasize the importance to consider formal school rules within teaching practices. These aspects need to be taken into account when shaping inclusive schools and teaching.

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Sturm, T. (2018). (Re)Production of differences in different teaching orientations. Swiss Journal of Educational Research, 35(1), 131-146. https://doi.org/10.24452/sjer.35.1.4905