Orienting during gaze guidance in a letter-identification task

  • Christoph Rasche Bucharest Politechnica University, Romania
  • Karl Gegenfurtner Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen, Germany
Keywords: saccadic constant error, attentional shift, cueing, masking, identification


The idea of gaze guidance is to lead a viewer’s gaze through a visual display in order to facilitate the viewer’s search for specific information in a least-obtrusive manner. This study investigates saccadic orienting when a viewer is guided in a fast-paced, low-contrast letter identification task. Despite the task’s difficulty and although guiding cues were ad-justed to gaze eccentricity, observers preferred attentional over saccadic shifts to obtain a letter identification judgment; and if a saccade was carried out its saccadic constant error was 50%. From those results we derive a number of design recommendations for the process of gaze guidance.
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Rasche, C., & Gegenfurtner, K. (2010). Orienting during gaze guidance in a letter-identification task. Journal of Eye Movement Research, 3(4). https://doi.org/10.16910/jemr.3.4.3