Haptic feedback in eye typing

  • Päivi Majaranta University of Tampere
  • Poika Isokoski University of Tampere
  • Jussi Rantala University of Tampere
  • Oleg Špakov University of Tampere
  • Deepak Akkil University of Tampere
  • Jari Kangas University of Tampere
  • Roope Raisamo University of Tampere
Keywords: gaze input, vibrotactile feedback, haptics, eye tracking, text entry


Proper feedback is essential in gaze based interfaces, where the same modality is used for both perception and control. We measured how vibrotactile feedback, a form of haptic feedback, compares with the commonly used visual and auditory feedback in eye typing. Haptic feedback was found to produce results that are close to those of auditory feedback; both were easy to perceive and participants liked both the auditory ”click” and the tactile “tap” of the selected key. Implementation details (such as the placement of the haptic actuator) were also found important.
How to Cite
Majaranta, P., Isokoski, P., Rantala, J., Špakov, O., Akkil, D., Kangas, J., & Raisamo, R. (2016). Haptic feedback in eye typing. Journal of Eye Movement Research, 9(1). https://doi.org/10.16910/jemr.9.1.3