Direction Estimation Model for Gaze Controlled Systems

Keywords: Gaze Direction Estimation (GDE) model, Edge detector, gaze estimation, glint detection, region of interest


Detection of gaze requires estimation of the position and the relation between user’s pupil and glint. This position is mapped into the region of interest using different edge detectors by detecting the glint coordinates and further gaze direction. In this research paper, a Gaze Direction Estimation (GDE) model has been proposed for the comparative analysis of two standard edge detectors Canny and Sobel for estimating automatic detection of the glint, its coordinates and subsequently the gaze direction. The results indicate fairly good percentage of the cases where the correct glint coordinates and subsequently correct gaze direction quadrants have been estimated. These results can further be used for improving the accuracy and performance of different eye gaze based systems.

Author Biography

Anjana Sharma, University of Jammu
Department of Computer Science
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Sharma, A., & Abrol, P. (2016). Direction Estimation Model for Gaze Controlled Systems. Journal of Eye Movement Research, 9(6).