Gaze Self-Similarity Plot - A New Visualization Technique

Keywords: eye tracking, visualization, recurrence, visual patterns, classification


Eye tracking has become a valuable way for extending knowledge of human behavior based on visual patterns. One of the most important elements of such an analysis is the presentation of obtained results, which proves to be a challenging task. Traditional visualization techniques such as scan-paths or heat maps may reveal interesting information, nonetheless many useful features are still not visible, especially when temporal characteristics of eye movement is taken into account. This paper introduces a technique called gaze self-similarity plot (GSSP) that may be applied to visualize both spatial and temporal eye movement features on the single two-dimensional plot. The technique is an extension of the idea of recurrence plots, commonly used in time series analysis. The paper presents the basic concepts of the proposed approach (two types of GSSP) complemented with some examples of what kind of information may be disclosed and finally showing areas of the GSSP possible applications.

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Kasprowski, P., & Harezlak, K. (2017). Gaze Self-Similarity Plot - A New Visualization Technique. Journal of Eye Movement Research, 10(5).
Special Thematic Issue "Eye Tracking and Visualization"