Representative Scanpath Identification for Group Viewing Pattern Analysis

Keywords: eye movement, eye tracking, representative scanpath, attention, viewing pattern, barycenter, gaze duration


Scanpaths are composed of fixations and saccades. Viewing trends reflected by scanpaths play an important role in scientific studies like saccadic model evaluation and real-life applications like artistic design. Several scanpath synthesis methods have been proposed to obtain a scanpath that is representative of the group viewing trend. But most of them either target a specific category of viewing materials like webpages or leave out some useful information like gaze duration. Our previous work defined the representative scanpath as the barycenter of a group of scanpaths, which actually shows the averaged shape of multiple scanpaths. In this paper, we extend our previous framework to take gaze duration into account, obtaining representative scanpaths that describe not only attention distribution and shift but also attention span. The extended framework consists of three steps: Eye-gaze data preprocessing, scanpath aggregation and gaze duration analysis. Experiments demonstrate that the framework can well serve the purpose of mining viewing patterns and “barycenter” based representative scanpaths can better characterize the pattern.
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Li, A., & Chen, Z. (2018). Representative Scanpath Identification for Group Viewing Pattern Analysis. Journal of Eye Movement Research, 11(6).