Analysis of a Feder

  • Ferenc Rádi Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Keywords: feder (federschwert), federschwert, model, collision, stress, break, blade-form, computer aided modeling


This paper covers an analysis in the cross section of sword fencing and the field of analytical mechanics and computer analysis. It aims to get answer to following questions in case of a normal blow with a feder on another feder: where are critical cross section/sections, where is the biggest stress, might the feder maybe break or not? To inspect this question a model for the feder was created in a reliable, realistic, simple and closed form. Modeling a single blow acceleration and speed state at the chosen time will be calculated. Based on this input data equations and conclusions from the analytical mechanics were applied, where D’Alamberts principle is used. Results will be validated by finite element computer aided modeling and also applied on specified real life cases.
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Rádi, F. (2015). Analysis of a Feder. Acta Periodica Duellatorum, 2(1), 255–274.