Visualizing the Provenance of Sumerian Literary Texts

Sebastian Borkowski


1) Dating
Old Babylonian (ca. 1800–1500 B.C.)

2) Place names
Abu Salabikh, Babylon, Ḫattuša, Isin, Kiš, Lagas, Larsa, Mari, Me-Turan, Nippur, black market, Sippar, Susa, Tutub, Uruk, Ur

3) Text corpora

  • The Decad: a group of ten literary texts presumably taught at the beginning of the advanced phase of the Old Babylonian scribal curriculum.
  • Sumerian disputation literature: a corpus of 24 Sumerian literary texts classified as debate poems, dialogues, edubba’a-texts, and diatribes.

4) Further terms

  • Collective tablet: cuneiform tablet with two or more literary texts; providing evidence for the sequence of these texts in the scribal curriculum.
  • Literary catalogue: cuneiform tablet listing incipits (‚titles’) of Sumerian literary texts; used to reconstruct the Old Babylonian scribal curriculum.

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