The Past in the Present of Syria

  • Ahmed Fatima Kzzo


Key Facts:

Syria: Under the Ottoman Domination (1516-1918); Arab Government (1918-1920); French Mandate (1920-1946).
Hussein-McMahon Correspondence in 1915 and 1916 to recognize the independent of Arabs in Asian part by Great Britain in aim that Hussein, Sharif Mecca declares revolt against Ottomans.
Sykes-Picot Agreement in 1916 to divide the Middle East between France and Britain.
The Syrian National Day is “Evacuation Day”, the evacuation of the last French soldier in 17 April 1946.
Mohammad Kurd Ali, the first director of the Arab Academy in 1919.
The National Museum of Damascus founded in 1919 by the Arab Academy.
The National Museum of Aleppo founded in 1926.

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