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The Journal of Eye Movement Research is an open-access, peer-reviewed scientific periodical devoted to all aspects of oculomotor functioning including methodology of eye recording, neurophysiological and cognitive models, attention, reading, as well as applications in neurology, ergonomy, media research and other areas.



A Look Back at 2016


After relaunching the Journal of Eye Movement Research on the platform BOP (Bern Open Publications) early this year, we have increased the number of published articles considerably by publishing twice as many articles compared to 2015, the number of registered users has increased to more than one thousand, and the article full-text downloads has totalled to 13'858 over the year 2016.  

We achieved an increase in scientific quality of the submitted manuscripts as well as in the processing speed to an average of 54 days for reviewing, including revisions, through the valuable service of the editorial board and the reviewers.

Our thanks to all persons involved in this process and best wishes for another successful year in 2017,

Rudolf Groner, Chief Editor of the Journal of Eye Movement Research

Posted: 2016-12-29



Welcome to the Journal of Eye Movement Research on the new platform BOP . We have introduced major changes, including  a new publication license, new submission and review procedures, and much more. All previous publications are in the archives with updated metadata, including current email addresses, DOIs, and, if available, ORCIDs.

Please take your time to explore the new website and the new services. If you find an error with a previous publication or with the website, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Submissions currently underway are being handled in the old way, but all new submissions must be made through this website.

Posted: 2016-03-10
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Vol 10, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


Tomer Elbaum, Michael Wagner, Assaf Botzer
Halszka Jarodzka, Kenneth Holmqvist, Hans Gruber
Hermann J Mueller, Thomas Geyer, Franziska Günther, Jim Kacian, Stella Pierides