Robust Head Mounted Wearable Eye Tracking System for Dynamical Calibration

  • Antonio Lanata Research Center “E.Piaggio”, University of Pisa
  • Gaetano Valenza Research Center “E.Piaggio”, University of Pisa
  • Alberto Greco Research Center “E.Piaggio”, University of Pisa
  • Enzo Pasquale Scilingo Research Center “E.Piaggio”, University of Pisa
Keywords: eye tracking, head movement, vestibulo-ocular reflex, gaze point, statistical comparison, dynamical calibration


In this work, a new head mounted eye tracking system is presented. Based on computer vision techniques, the system integrates eye images and head movement, in real time, performing a robust gaze point tracking. Nystagmus movements due to vestibulo-ocular reflex are monitored and integrated. The system proposed here is a strongly improved version of a previous platform called HATCAM, which was robust against changes of illumination conditions. The new version, called HAT-Move, is equipped with accurate inertial motion unit to detect the head movement enabling eye gaze even in dynamical conditions. HAT-Move performance is investigated in a group of healthy subjects in both static and dynamic conditions, i.e. when head is kept still or free to move. Evaluation was performed in terms of amplitude of the angular error between the real coordinates of the fixed points and those computed by the system in two experimental setups, specifically, in laboratory settings and in a 3D virtual reality (VR) scenario. The achieved results showed that HAT-Move is able to achieve eye gaze angular error of about 1 degree along both horizontal and vertical directions
How to Cite
Lanata, A., Valenza, G., Greco, A., & Scilingo, E. P. (2015). Robust Head Mounted Wearable Eye Tracking System for Dynamical Calibration. Journal of Eye Movement Research, 8(5).