ScanGraph: A Novel Scanpath Comparison Method Using Visualisation of Graph Cliques

Jitka Dolezalova, Stanislav Popelka


The article describes a new tool for analyses of eye-movement data. Many different approaches to scanpath comparison exist. One of the most frequently used approaches is String Edit Distance, where the gaze trajectories are replaced by the sequences of visited Areas of Interest. In cartographic literature, the most commonly used software for scanpath comparison is eyePatterns. During the analysis of eyePatterns functionality, we have found that tree-graph visualization of its results is not reliable. Thus, we decided to develop a new tool called ScanGraph. Its computational algorithms are modified to work better with the sequences with different lengths. The output is visualized as a simple graph, and similar groups of sequences are displayed as cliques of this graph. The article describes ScanGraph’s functionality on the example of a simple cartographic eye-tracking study. Differences of the reading strategy of a simple map between cartographic experts and novices were investigated. The paper should serve to the researchers who would like to analyze differences between groups of participants, and who would like to use our tool - ScanGraph, available at


eye movement; eye tracking; scanpath; scanpath comparison; string edit distance; usability; cartography; application

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