About the Journal

The new HASBonline – Hefte zur Archäologie des Mittelmeerraumes aus Bern is the first Swiss archaeological journal in open access form with peer review. This makes possible the swift publication of the most recent research findings as peer reviewed papers as well as the widespread access to the international community of classical archaeology and their various regions of interest and methodological approaches.

Articles may be submitted in German, French, Italian or English. The publication will appear in digital form in open access as well as in printed form in limited numbers; the journal will appear every two years.


HASBonline – journal history

The journal HASB (Hefte des archäologischen Seminars der Universität Bern) appeared for the first time in 1975 under the guidance of Prof. Dr. H. Jucker.

During the following years his successor, Prof. Dr. D. Willers, continued the annual issues whilst adding intermittently published supplements.

After the retirement of Prof. Dr. Willers in 2003, the continuous publication of the journal was successfully maintained.

In 2011, when Prof. Dr. E. Mango obtained the chair of the section of Archaeology of the Mediterranean (thus the official name at the present), the idea of HASB as an open access journal was put forward.

The first issue of HASBonline – Hefte zur Archäologie des Mittelmeerraumes aus Bern has appeared in 2017. 


Previous issues:

HASB 1 (1975) – HASB 21 (2009)



A. Stähli, Die Berner Abguss-Sammlung. Mit einem Beitrag von Sandor Kuthy. HASB Supplement 1 (Bern 1985)

M. Mangold, Athenatypen auf attischen Weihreliefs des 5. und 4. Jhs. v. Chr. HASB Supplement 2 (Bern 1992)

F. Ciliberto, I sarcofagi attici nell’Italia settentrionale. HASB Supplement 3 (Bern 1996)

Ch. Reusser (ed.), Griechenland in der Kaiserzeit. Neue Funde und Forschungen zu Skulptur, Architektur und Topographie. Kolloquium zum sechzigsten Geburtstag von Prof. Dietrich Willers, Bern, 12.13. Juni 1998. HASB Supplement 4 (Bern 2001)

M. Seifert (ed.), Komplexe Bilder. Kolloquium in Bern 2007. HASB Supplement 5 (Berlin 2008)