Etel Adnan — in Close Encounters with Paul Klee

Review of the Etel Adnan Exhibition and Symposium Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern, September 27th – 28th 2018

  • Joan Grandjean University of Geneva
  • Mirl Redmann University of Geneva


Review of the symposium "The Arab Apocalypse. Art, Abstraction & Activism in the Middle East" (27—28 September 2018) organized by Silvia Naef & Nadia Radwan, and the exhibition "Etel Adnan" (15 June—7 October 2018) by Americano-Lebanese artist Etel Adnan, curated by Sébastien Delot & Fabienne Eggelhöfer, both of which took place at the Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern, Switzerland.

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Grandjean, J., & Redmann, M. (2019). Etel Adnan — in Close Encounters with Paul Klee. Manazir Journal, 1, 83-93.