La ville comme lieu d'exposition de sa mémoire

  • Rym Khene Item
Keywords: Algiers, Photography, City, Visual Culture


The popular movement that started on 22 February 2019 in Algiers, has become a key date of Algerian history but also for visual history. In a matter of weeks, Algiers became a place of unprecedented photographic expression which contributed to build the new visual narratives of the city. This article intends to question the expression of political claims through the use of images and to underline significant elements for the study of the photographic practice in Algeria.

Author Biography

Rym Khene, Item

Rym Khene is a photographer and a researcher, associated with the Theory and History of Modern Art and Literature, and the Institute of Modern Texts and Manuscripts joint research units, French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), University Sorbonne Nouvelle and École normale supérieure (ENS). She has published texts and photographs in magazines and reviews such as Transition Magazine, Intranqu’îllités, and Apulée. Her current research is focused primarily on literary and photographic representations of the city. She has edited an issue of the scientific journal Continents manuscrits on Algerian photography. She undertook her dissertation in Comparative Literature at the University Sorbonne Nouvelle, under the supervision of Xavier Garnier, titled “Algiers and the 1990s. Literary and Photographic Representations.”

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Khene, R. (2022). La ville comme lieu d’exposition de sa mémoire. Manazir Journal, 4, 118–127.