Bewegte Namen im Varietätenspektrum und Sprachkontakt.

Einleitung zum Themenheft

  • Antje Dammel
  • Friedel Helga Roolfs


The case studies collected in this thematic issue focus on specific constellations of “Names in Motion”, adaptation processes of anthroponyms and toponyms in standard dialect diglossia and in language contact. Constellations of internal and external multilingualism prove to be a rich source for structural adaptation processes and the emergence of onymic variants. Within adaptation processes, the medial dimension of variation between orality and literacy plays a crucial role. In the introduction, we first present the individual contributions, and then discuss cross-connections and explore possible generalizations.

Dammel, A., & Roolfs, F. H. (2023). Bewegte Namen im Varietätenspektrum und Sprachkontakt.: Einleitung zum Themenheft. Linguistik Online, 121(3), 3–11.