Museumskommunikation in Klarer Sprache – Theorie, Praxis und Perspektiven

  • Karin Luttermann


The International Council of Museums redefined the term museum in August 2022. According to this, museums are at the service of the public and promote diversity and sustainability for, among other things, education, the enjoyment of art and the transmission of knowledge. The aim of this contribution is to use the multi-perspective approach of the Legal-Linguistic Comprehensibility Model to examine what applied linguistics can contribute to comprehensible communication in museums. The focus is on Clear language as a means for knowledge transfer. The theory and methodology of Clear Language is essentially based on text linguistics and pragmatics. The examples are taken from four explanatory films by the State Gallery Stuttgart, which guide a heterogeneous target audience through the permanent collection of the art museum.

Luttermann, K. (2023). Museumskommunikation in Klarer Sprache – Theorie, Praxis und Perspektiven. Linguistik Online, 124(6), 63–84.