Il timavese

  • Francesco Zuin


The work aims to provide a description of the sociolinguistic and linguistic reality of the hamlet of Timau in the municipality of Paluzza. In contrast to the other villages of the Municipality, the population of Timau has been speaking for centuries, alongside Italian and Friulian, the Timavese code, a Carinthian based variety that nevertheless displays distinctive linguistic characteristics at all levels. In the paper we will present the origins of the village, the sociolinguistic position of Timavese in the community’s repertoire, the similarities and differences between Timavese and Carinthian and the corpus and status planning created for this variety after its recognition by the national law 482/1999 (“Norme in materia di tutela delle minoranze linguistiche storiche”), aimed at protecting the historical linguistic minorities recognized in the national territory.

Zuin, F. (2024). Il timavese. Linguistik Online, 130(6), 149–169.