Wie 'Haar' zu 'Maus' wird: Geschlechtsbezogene pronominale Referenz im Thailändischen

  • Korakoch Attaviriyanupap


The use of gender-related personal pronouns is mostly found in different forms of third person singular (e. g. he/she/it in English or er/sie/es in German). In Thai, an isolate language without grammatical gender, the gender-specification can be observed in the use of first person singular pronominal reference. The selection of gender-related self-reference depends not only on sex but also on gender identity of the speaker. In this article, the complex system of pronominal reference in Thai language will be briefly introduced. After that, forms of self-reference used in the Thai film Iron Ladies are analyzed to show how the gender identity of speakers can influence their selection of pronominal reference.
Attaviriyanupap, K. (2004). Wie ’Haar’ zu ’Maus’ wird: Geschlechtsbezogene pronominale Referenz im Thailändischen. Linguistik Online, 21(4). https://doi.org/10.13092/lo.21.1066