Salienz, Bewertung und Realisierung regionaler Merkmale in Norddeutschland

Yvonne Hettler


While the theoretical concept of perceptual prominence (salience) is subject of various recent studies, there is a lack of empirical evidence concerning the individual prominence of linguistic variables and the perception of these in different regions.
This article presents some results of a study dealing with the perception and production of regional linguistic phenomena in Bremen and Hamburg. A quantitative analysis will be undertaken to investigate which linguistic variables are prominent for speakers and how language attitude and regional localization by non-linguists influence the salience of these phenomena. Also, the correlation between production and perception of linguistic phenomena is discussed by including objective speech data within the context of a qualitative survey. Assuming that the salience of linguistic variables is not fixed, but determined by a variety of factors, it is of interest which different combinations of influencing parameters for perceptual prominence exist.