Salienz unter Einheimischen und Zugezogenen – Ein empirischer Vergleich

Cornelia Lorenz


The local background may affect the salience of regiolectal variants. In my paper I am going to investigate this influence: I have tested, whether the same regiolectal variants attract varying attention of locals and newcomers in Eastwestfalia, where the variants are spread autochthonally. In Eastwestfalia, an important precondition was fulfilled; natives aged between 20 and 30 years, who have been linguistically socialized in Eastwestfalia, usually have an active regiolectal competence but no dialect competence. Depending on the local background, interesting trends were observed: The longer the duration of the stay, decreasing salience was detected in some cases and increasing salience in others. The different reasons for this surprising development will be explained in my paper.