Il friulano

  • Luca Melchior


This article provides an examination of the linguistic features and language policy in the Friulian language. The study begins by delving into the historical and sociolinguistic context of Friuli. Subsequently, the phonological system is meticulously analyzed, encompassing phonemes, syllable structure, stress patterns, and vowel length distinctions. Moving forward, the article investigates morphological and syntactical aspects of Friulian, shedding light on the formation of plurals, the existence of supercompound forms, the construction of assertive and interrogative sentences, and some aspects of subordination. Furthermore, some lexical aspects of Friulian are discussed. Lastly, the study examines various measures of language policy that are implemented to preserve and promote the Friulian language. The article outlines some initiatives and efforts that aim to safeguard and foster the use of Friulian within its community.

Melchior, L. (2024). Il friulano. Linguistik Online, 130(6), 193–209.