Zum Ausnahmezustand als Experimentierfeld für die Legitimierung von sonder- und außerrechtlichen Maßnahmen

Anna-Lena Dießelmann


This study focuses on the protests against the G8 summit in Heilgendamm, Germany, 2007. In the weeks preceding the event, Germany was preparing for a state of emergency. This discourse was created by legal authorities, politicians, security experts, the international media and the protestors alike. The study reconstructs the struggle for legitimacy and hegemonic supremacy. During this process the definition what was considered a "normal" protest and what a transgression shifted – highlighted by the demeanor of the special police task force BAO Kavala, but also by the gradual establishment of emergency laws for the normal case. The BAO expressed their intention to influence the public opinion explicitly.



DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13092/lo.73.2200