Perioden mit Smileys. Zum Verhältnis von Emoticons und Interpunktion

  • Karsten Rinas
  • Veronika Uhrová


This study deals with smileys/emoticons which are frequently used in e-mails, chats and other modern types of text. The use of these signs is analyzed from the viewpoint of the theory of writing; special attention is paid to the question of the relationship of these signs to (German) punctuation. For this purpose, smileys and traditional punctuation are compared under various aspects (emotionality, irony, structuring of text). Another component of this study is a discussion of reflections on the use of smileys found in the pertinent literature and in internet forums. It is shown that the “system of smileys” shares several common features with the older theory of punctuation and can therefore be regarded as a (rudimentary) system of punctuation in a nascent state.
Rinas, K., & Uhrová, V. (2016). Perioden mit Smileys. Zum Verhältnis von Emoticons und Interpunktion. Linguistik Online, 75(1).