Fremdsprachendidaktik anhand von Literatur: Reflexion über Stereotype

  • Gesa Singer


Stereotypes are often based on concepts of mentalities and ‘images of the self’ and the ‘other’. This is the way they appear in language. In modern didactics of foreign language the focus is mostly set on cultural contrast. Meanwhile a more profound analysis and reflexion on stereotypes is lacking. This piece of work intends to illustrate, based on practical examples (in German as a foreign language), how the use of literature can contribute to a critical and productive work and discussion on stereotypes. Recent research on intercultural didactics of foreign languages as well as empirical studies are applied in this part of a model concept of teaching literature through dialogue and interaction. Students learn to comment thoughtfully on ‘self’ and ‘foreign’ imagery. It is, from here on, a didactical proposal for different intercultural settings.
Singer, G. (2016). Fremdsprachendidaktik anhand von Literatur: Reflexion über Stereotype. Linguistik Online, 79(5).