Phraseologieunterricht in der Zeit der neueren Lernmedien

  • Nataša Kralj
  • Brigita Kacjan


In language learning, phraseology is rather neglected. One reason could be that there is not much teaching and learning material prepared for this domain. This is why during the EU-Project EPHRAS (from October 2004 to September 2006) a phraseology data bank in four languages (German, Slovenian, Slovak and Hungarian) with more than 4,000 idioms and relevant exercises was created. The following article presents examples of how to teach high school students with different language competences the phenomena of phraseology with the help of new learning media. The foreign language phraseology can be learnt in the form of traditional classroom learning as well as in the form of distance learning.
Kralj, N., & Kacjan, B. (2013). Phraseologieunterricht in der Zeit der neueren Lernmedien. Linguistik Online, 47(3).