OntoDiccionario, un diccionario ontoterminológico multilingüe (español-inglés-alemán): aspectos de su construcción y resultados

María Rosario Bautista-Zambrana


This paper starts from the assumption that the conceptual structure underlying terms in a spe-cialized domain constitutes an essential aspect in terminology and in the elaboration of termi-nological resources, in a way that the precise representation of that conceptual structure can be of great use for specialized translators. Based on this premise we have constructed a multi-lingual (Spanish-English-German) terminological dictionary based on ontologies, which are a type of formal and explicit representation of the conceptual structure of a domain (in our case, package travel). Thus, we show how the dictionary has been built, by describing the corpus-based preparatory phase, its implementation in the Web Ontology Language (OWL) using an ontology editor, TopBraid Composer Free Edition, and the creation of an interface to consult the dictionary in an easy and intuitive way; this application is called OntoDiccionario. We will discuss the results, by describing some of its most relevant features, by indicating short-comings, and by comparing the resulting dictionary to other general and specialized dictiona-ries, through the search for some terms from the domain in question.



DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13092/lo.81.3644