Lokale Strategien der (sprachlichen) Realisierung von globalen Feindbildern

  • Nikolina Palašić


The goal of this paper is to try to show how language can be used to construct hostile images and how on the basis of these images verbal and physical violence may arise. A recent situation in Croatia, which from present-day perspective can without reservation be described as an anti-gay campaign (2013), will serve as an example of hate speech. We use the statements and images that were used at that time in the media and by the general public to try and explain the origin of such words and images and to explain how they should be interpreted with respect to the Croatian social context.
Palašić, N. (2017). Lokale Strategien der (sprachlichen) Realisierung von globalen Feindbildern. Linguistik Online, 82(3). https://doi.org/10.13092/lo.82.3717