das ist ein: (--) äh ja ANschluss ja. Das ja als Turnhalte- und Anschlusssignal im gesprochenen Deutsch.

Dario Marić


Spoken production is subjected to speed and needs in the conversations that can locally be changed, which makes it dynamic and flexible. Often the thematic framework of the next ut-terance is determined while the appropriate complex linguistic construction for it is not yet available. Delays and pauses before continuing in the utterances are traces of searching words and an indication that we often decide on the linguistic structure in terms of complex and schematic constructions in the construction grammar before we fill it with vocabulary. This paper is about the functions of organizing the conversations, phonetic and phonological fea-tures of a particular ja from within the turn, often the utterance, and the intonation unit in German which at the problems of finding words of speakers mainly mean "immediately re-sume". In this context, intonation incorporation of this ja into what is uttered just before and immediately after it, is especially indicative. Continuation-ja with independent intonation contour namely announces new construction, while intonation incorporated continuation-ja prevents premature conclusion of the listener that the sentence will be interrupted and an-nounce one or more components of the utterance or correction of specific components.



DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13092/lo.83.3784