Commentaire la de carte 363 (la) porte de l’Atlas linguistique et ethnographique de la Lorraine romane II Études lorraines IV

Joseph Reisdoerfer


This paper presents a lexical commentary of the map 363 (the) door published in vol. 2 of the Atlas linguistique et ethnographique de la Lorraine Romane.
Our analysis shows that the Lorraine area is characterized by the preservation of the Old and Middle French binomial porte ‘great door, gate’/huis ‘small door’– west of Lorraine – heus –the rest of the area –; the type heus, particular to the Lorraine region, goes back to a Latin *OSTIUM akin to O:STIUM used in written Classical Latin. Heus <*OSTIUM may denote an occasional survival of an older latinitas in the Lorraine region.