Zur idiomatischen Komponente auffälliger kausativer Konstruktionen im Deutschen

  • Martine Dalmas
  • Laurent Gautier


This paper aims to analyze German caused-motion constructions such as jn aus dem Bett klingeln from both a phraseological and constructional perspective. Section 1 shows how the traditional definition of phraseologisms is nowadays challenged by new developments in construction grammar, especially within Goldberg’s framework. Section 2 focuses on the various possibilities existing in German to express causativity and proposes a continuum from mere morphological signs to the constructions under consideration here. Section 3 exemplifies the cognitive inscription of these causative constructions through the underlying frame semantic level. In section 4 we finally argue that several aspects of these structures, such as lexical constraint, figuration, and productivity suggest that some kinds of constructions should be integrated, at least peripherally, into the phraseological system of the given language.
Dalmas, M., & Gautier, L. (2018). Zur idiomatischen Komponente auffälliger kausativer Konstruktionen im Deutschen. Linguistik Online, 90(3). https://doi.org/10.13092/lo.90.4321