Phraseografie und Korpusanalyse

  • Sören Stumpf Trier


The following article gives an overview of the weak points in the lexicographical coverage of phrasemes. The main problem with previous phraseography is that the dictionary entries are not based on comprehensive corpus analyses of actual language use. Hence I make a case for a “corpus-based phraseography” (Steyer 2010) and in using selected examples, I demonstrate how a pragmatic approach that is focused on actual language use can help to improve the lemmatization of formulaic expressions. This also shows which consequences and changes may occur from a corpus-analytical point of view as compared to the traditional phraseographical approach. For this purpose, I use the German reference corpus/Deutsches Referenzkorpus and the analysis system COSMAS II. Central to my analysis are the phenomena that have scarcely received any attention: the differentiation of modifications and phrase schemata, the valence spectrum of phrasemes as well as formulaic expressions with unique components.

Stumpf, S. (2019). Phraseografie und Korpusanalyse. Linguistik Online, 96(3), 115–131.