Gefühlte Wirklichkeit.

Versuch der korpuspragmatisch-kulturanalytischen Untersuchung eines neueren Phraseologismus

  • Juliane Schröter Universität Wien


The article proceeds on the assumption that new phrasemes are a specifically enlightening research object for studies at the intersection of phraseology, pragmatics and corpus linguistics. Following recent theoretical approaches in phraseology, phrasemes can be understood as fixed expressions with a communicative function that satisfies a socially shared communicative demand. As such, new phrasemes might potentially allow for new insights into the culture – i. e., roughly speaking, the larger social contexts – of their development and existence. To test this idea, the article presents a corpuspragmatic study of the German phraseme
gefühlte ([...]) SUB,objektives‘ empirisches Phänomen, which has come into existence in the 1990s only, and attempts a cultural interpretation of the results. It concludes with a critical evaluation to what extend such a cultural analysis of a new phraseme seems feasible.

Schröter, J. (2019). Gefühlte Wirklichkeit.: Versuch der korpuspragmatisch-kulturanalytischen Untersuchung eines neueren Phraseologismus. Linguistik Online, 96(3), 93–114.