Epistemik und Common Ground.

Quantitative und qualitative Untersuchung epistemischer Ausdrücke im Korpus

  • Attila Péteri Eötvös-Loránd-Universität Budapest


In the present article it is hypothesized that epistemic markers are combined in texts and together constitute an epistemic background. To verify this an automatic corpus based co-occurrence analysis was performed. Based on the quantitative results, subcategories of epistemic markers were defined. These were later established theoretically using the common-ground model of Stalnaker. The constitution of common ground was then qualitatively analyzed on the basis of selected texts.

Péteri, A. (2019). Epistemik und Common Ground. Linguistik Online, 100(7), 235-258. https://doi.org/10.13092/lo.100.6033