Funktionsverbgefüge - empirisch (am Beispiel von kommen)

  • Alain Kamber


In grammars and textbooks used to teach German as a foreign language, the chapters devoted to the "Funktionsverbgefüge" (light verb constructions) are based on data that are mainly obtained by introspection. German dictionaries also often seem not to be based on empirical data. Through the example of kommen (to come), the present paper aims at showing a few new and decisive elements that empirical, strictly corpus-driven research, by means of the new digital corpora, makes it possible to highlight. The purpose is to achieve a description that is more precise and more faithful to the target language in foreign languages teaching. Keywords: Light verb construction - light verb - corpus linguistics - empirical research - digital corpora - COSMAS II - prototype semantics - syntax - valence - complementation - lexicology - grammar
Kamber, A. (2006). Funktionsverbgefüge - empirisch (am Beispiel von kommen). Linguistik Online, 28(3).