Verbalternationen und Verbspaltung im Neugriechischen

  • Chariton Charitonidis


This paper deals with a group of five alternations for the Modern Greek verb in the syntactic frame NPi__NP for the active form and NP__ for the corresponding active or passive form. The alternations causative/auto, causative/reflexive, causative/reciprocal, causative/control, and passive participle are presented. It is shown how the interpretation of some of these alternations is influenced by the context. The second part deals with the splitting of the verbs kapnízo and potízo into homophonous lexical units and explains why the alternations component must be favoured in comparison to the conceptual structures and semantic fields component. The proposed model incorporates a version of Ray Jackendoff's conceptual structures.
Charitonidis, C. (2006). Verbalternationen und Verbspaltung im Neugriechischen. Linguistik Online, 26(1).