Der Weg zum ús normal des Katalanischen und Valencianischen.

Das Sprachenproblem in den Autonomen Gemeinschaften Katalonien und Valencia seit Beginn der Transición

  • Ina Kühne


The article examines the linguistic situation in the Autonomous Communities of Catalonia and Valencia since the beginning of the Spanish Transition (Transición) to democracy after Francisco Franco’s death. It illustrates the measures regarding language policy and language planning taken by the respective governments to reestablish the llengua pròpia (‘own lan-guage’) and to achieve its ús normal (‘normal use’). Those measures were made possible by the Spanish democratic constitution of 1978. Finally, the efficiency of the respective lan-guage policy and language planning of the two Autonomous Communities is evaluated. Therefore the language skills and the language use of the citizens of the Autonomous Com-munities of Catalonia and Valencia are analyzed and compared on the basis of statistical surveys.

Kühne, I. (2020). Der Weg zum ús normal des Katalanischen und Valencianischen. Linguistik Online, 101(1), 75–97.