Phraseologisches Optimum für Deutsch als Fremdsprache. Ein Vorschlag auf der Basis von Frequenz- und Geläufigkeitsuntersuchungen

Erla Hallsteinsdóttir, Monika Sajánková, Uwe Quasthoff


In this paper we introduce results from two studies on frequency and knowledge of German idioms. The aim of the first study was to determine the frequency of idioms in a written language corpus, and in the second study the native speakers knowledge of idioms was exploited. In both studies selected idioms from dictionaries of idioms and dictionaries for German as a foreign language were used, and here we present the result of the comparison of the data from both studies concerning 1112 German idioms. One part of the result is a list with 143 highly frequent and well known idioms, that we propose to be a part of a "phraseological optimum" for German as a foreign language.