Die Konstituierung von Interkulturalität in der deutsch-schwedischen Wirtschaftskommunikation

  • Doreen Siegfried


This article is a contribution to the investigation of intercultural communication. On the basis of a concrete corpus of German-Swedish business communication, it looks into the question of the manifestation of cultural self- and other-ascription in natural data. The article shows which verbal means interactants use to present cultural knowledge, anticipate different cultural knowledge and orient themselves to an intercultural participation that is implicitly or explicitly apparent. This article also shows what the participants consider to be culture resp. cultural in this professional setting and how the constitution of interculturality is used functionally. At the same time, the article can be read as a plea for an endogenous investigation of intercultural communication.
Siegfried, D. (2003). Die Konstituierung von Interkulturalität in der deutsch-schwedischen Wirtschaftskommunikation. Linguistik Online, 14(2). https://doi.org/10.13092/lo.14.826
B Practical and empirical investigations