Genoese-Italian “vulgar” phraseology in GEPHRAS and GEPHRAS2

  • Erica Autelli


Vulgar terms have often been avoided in language and dialect dictionaries, although one can already find many of them in historical dictionaries and they have a century-long lexicographic tradition. There is a desideratum for further studies from a contrastive perspective as only certain languages or varieties have been analysed in more detail. This paper will focus on Genoese-Italian phraseology and in particular on GEPHRAS and GEPHRAS2, which represent two new phraseographical projects that will result in one unique phraseological dictionary, which will also collect such vulgar expressions. In particular, the phrasemes based on the headwords BELLIN, BAGASCIA, CÛ, MOSSA (usually ‘cock’, ‘whore’, ‘ass’ and ‘pussy’ or ‘bollocks’) will be compared.

Autelli, E. (2022). Genoese-Italian “vulgar” phraseology in GEPHRAS and GEPHRAS2. Linguistik Online, 118(6), 3–28.