Sviluppo della competenza plurilingue nell’era digitale

  • Carolina Flinz
  • Katharina Salzmann
  • Patrizia Giuliano


The multilingual approach plays an important role in language teaching, therefore also in the teaching of German as a foreign/second language (DaF = Deutsch als Fremdsprache; DaZ = Deutsch als Zweitsprache) and Italian as a foreign/second language. Aim of this volume is to show how metalinguistic and cross-linguistic awareness, central pillars of multilingual didactics, can be developed through the use of lexicographic resources, corpora and new technologies. The contributions present research and didactic experiences of various kinds that are of interest to different levels of education (school, university, etc.); although the didactics of German is in the focus of many essays, references to other languages, primarily Italian, but also English, Romanian, Ladin and other Italian dialect varieties, are not missing.

Flinz, C., Salzmann, K., & Giuliano, P. (2024). Sviluppo della competenza plurilingue nell’era digitale. Linguistik Online, 126(2), 3–16.