S Doris in däm wisse Fätze.

Das Neutrum als affektives Genus im Namengebrauch der Deutschschweiz

  • Gerda Baumgartner Université de Fribourg


In various Swiss German dialects, the feminine gender is not the sole possibility when referring to women. Under certain circumstances, the article of female first names can also be neuter, e. g. s Doris. The gender assignment of names is determined by linguistic variables such as morphology or semantics, but also by social factors like age and social relationship. Neuter names have been shown to indicate social relations and encode certain concepts of gender roles in society. Based on data from an extensive online survey and fieldwork conducted in different places of Switzerland, the affective function of the neuter gender in the use of female names is explained. The focus lies on the definite article.

Baumgartner, G. (2019). S Doris in däm wisse Fätze.: Das Neutrum als affektives Genus im Namengebrauch der Deutschschweiz. Linguistik Online, 98(5), 137–156. https://doi.org/10.13092/lo.98.5933